Original Artwork 

Reproduced and printed on to professional A4 300gm photographic quality card, backed on to 300gm cold press art paper. 

Jill will personally sign or dedicate a message to you or your recipient. 

All prints advertised are without frames and are 21 x 29.7 cms.

If you are interested in a larger print please message us on the contact form.

sing little one


Sing Little One/Snowlakes & Jazzamatazz- Saward/Anderson

I used to be in a rock group called Fusion Orchestra in the late 70's. We had an amazing 5 years touring, and left behind a legacy of being one of the hardest working live bands in the UK.  I used to be so nervous on stage in the early days I would not let go of the mike stand.  One evening at The Marquee, Ian Hunter from Mott The Hoople pulled me to one side and said '"girl, loose the f....ing mike stand and let yourself go "! I did, and you won't see me clinging to a mike stand to this day,  I hate the things. 

This work was adapted from a flyer that was created for the band.

The original is on a canvas mount.  I decoupaged newspaper cuttings and proceeded to layer up the oil media. There was so much oil paint, the first layers took 3 weeks to dry. The design was etched aggressively through the oil with a small carving knife.  Part of the focal photograph was hand tinted in the style of a hand painted Victorian photograph. Ian returned to the Marquee, watched me 'stand free' and said, "go girl, now go sing little one" 


just for you-2.jpg

Danceland/Niteflite Saward/Anderson

I designed an 8x6 foot canvas and it is mounted in my music room here at the house. 

The work is divided into smaller canvases and is held by a wood batten, it was a monumental task to display but worth it for the drama of the painting. Every canvas has a different theme but the structure and colours bring it together.

The room it is displayed in is very long and has a church like feel, it was devoid of colour and feeling before the painting was installed. Paint is all acrylic.

It was impossible to photograph due to the angles and height, I would have needed scaffolding to get precise framing, so I decided to photograph in two sectors. I left this print in the original colours because it felt bright and optimistic. When I did the final touches on the print it immediately related to the latin/tropical feel of my lyric featured on Danceland.

ripped & zapped

Ripped & Zapped

Frank Zappa/Melody Maker

I wanted to include this work as I felt it was full of life and intrigue.

This piece was my first decoupage work.

I was leafing through a huge pile of old Melody Maker issues, some of them contained old interviews and features about my old band, Fusion Orchestra way back in 1972.  I had decided to cull the newspapers and just extract the features I needed. I loved this old Zappa headline so I began to experiment. The first layers are real adverts and a Marquee menu. Gold layers the base and the vivid colours are also in thick layered oils. Finished, ripped & designed with a knife. The work depicts the whole vibe of the time, a vibrant live music scene, flower power, hippies, drugs, embellished with a real mystery tablet, not for consumption!

let's start over again

Lets Start Over Again

In the first few months of lockdown I felt myself losing faith in everything.  Every day a show was being cancelled. The year seemed to be crumbling before my eyes. Every sentence seemed to include the word 'unprecedented, furlough' etc, so I did the most natural thing and took to the canvas. I stuck old plasters and tape in an effort to salvage the year in my head. It is marred and stained and paint splattered. The design had originally started as plain broken block numbers but as I grew I angrier and felt more deflated over the days, the piece seemed to destroy itself. When I looked at the finished thing in a different light in 2021, I made a decision to stop the artwork becoming a symbol of doom. I felt the lyric from one of my more positive compositions suited the mood and cast a different angle leaving the design in a much happier place! 

Let's Start Over Again/ Let The Piano Play - Saward-Anderson

just for you

Just For You

Just For You - Saward-Anderson-Rebello

I sat thinking about the image I had chosen to feature on social media. I love the picture, but why? Because it is not really me?  I am in a professional studio with flattering lights, I am made up to embrace the moment, it is all just perfect except for one thing, my head is tipped to the left and my face creases showing laughter lines and wrinkles. As far as I was concerned the lines should stay, I have got used to them, I LOVE THEM! The photographer suggested, maybe a little enhancement? I went with the flow but for me each line showed a story, a moment, a chapter and above all reflects the years of laughter & happiness. These four identical merged copies illustrate my relationship with the photoshoot. Top left: A publicity photo in muted colour radiating the right image for the shoot. Top right: The black & white vibe which is used when I am being depicted in a serious mode, why does black and white do that? Bottom left: shall I re-touch? Shall I erase the offending lines? edit? no! no!  The lines will stay with me now. Bottom right - me,  just for you.

secret garden


Secret Garden/Into The Blue - Saward/Anderson

I have this piece on display at the house

but had completely forgotten about it as it was stuck behind a potted palm!  It was one of the first paintings I had done upon moving down to the island.

I just can't get over the glorious sunrises and sunsets here in Sardinia. Our house is pretty high in the hills and the sun's visits are a special part of the day. I tried to encapsulate this into the canvas. I felt an oriental vibe when I completed the work so I added my abstract version of Japanese script! To this day I have no idea what I have written, but  I am pretty sure my Japanese fans will tell me! My lyric from the track seemed to suit the piece beautifully.

I was in a particularly fun mood and loaded the canvas  with sunshine acrylic oils and finished with golds and sequins, yes sequins! I embellished the painting with some Japanese look script but have to admit it actually is just a design and has no meaning... or maybe it has?

how do you sleep ?


Here the other half of my giant canvas which is displayed in our long room. 

When I got to work on the print, I felt the the original colours didn't suit it at all so I used some  odd filters and ended up with this darker feeling version.

I saw bad dreams, disturbances in the night, insomnia and being trapped in a confusing dream with no escape. I also have many panic dreams related to live performances, this summed the whole painting up. Lyrically the song is a little more light hearted and is dedicated to someone who doesn't realise they are a feature of a classic Shakatak album track. The individual concerned leaves me with the same confusing dark feelings so the union is perfect! 

How do you sleep?/Across The World - Saward



Freefall is the classic lockdown art work. I really was in a dark place during the summer months, despite being in such a beautiful country. There are 3 layers of canvas to support the odd hardware on it. Wood batons, old foil, decoupage Black Echo's newspaper cuttings, creased and ripped in places.  A hand tinted photograph of me with Medusa flavoured hair holding my head in a daze. The hair is laquered straw and rafia all bunched together with a picture mounting plate screwed tight.

The design is etched with a fine knife which revealed the silver of the original print. The wood batons have gold screws affixed, some screws are loose which is the whole idea of the period I was going through.  It is brutal to handle but pretty much reflects the early days of lockdown 2020. Although this is a print, it still manages to capture the loonacy.

I had lost my way temporarily and I was in a real freefall. Fortunately the love of family and friends were always there to catch me!

Freefall/Afterglow - Saward

goodbye to the city

Goodbye To The City

Goodbye To The City/Times & Places - Saward

It was a dark and rainy night heading back from a short gigging week in the heart of London. Somehow I had taken a wrong turn and was travelling through some really intimidating areas trying to get my bearings. I was so tired and getting really stressed as I was alone. I pulled up and got myself together and figured my way out. When I eventually started motoring I could see the city and East End skyline in my rear mirror  slowly disappearing out of view. I realised then that London had left my heart and that it was time to get out of this sacred place, it no longer belonged to me. 

The piece is an interpretation of the events of that night. Roads, lights, speed cameras, confusion, speed bumps, dead ends, potholes, lost. Thick acrylics and batons, torn canvas, the road out of the city.....goodbye.

love has spoken !


Get Up/View From The City - Saward-Anderson

Another hand tinted photo amid a deluge of acrylic paint. I dropped pins into the mixture and covered all the raised points with gold. The feather and hair has been scored with a fine blade knife.  A wrote a collection of lyric lines on to the finished work but was unable to decipher much of it after it had dried. Rather than paint over I left it in it's rough, random condition. The attempted lyrics on the painting were all specific lines taken from some of my songs which echoed love, moving on, positivity and all of the sentiments I wanted to shout at the time. If you listen to the track Get Up you will feel the same intense colours as the canvas, red, hot, angered, excited. 

Love speaks, love has spoken.



The first piece I featured at our little gallery here in Sardinia was this epic canvas which is a kind of abstract of my house, village and surrounding history. The inspiration was taken from an artist called Jan Wenczka who specialised in dark architectural paintings. I loved his work, and it seemed to mirror the architecture  in our village. I decided to avoid the dark feel and turned mine into a bright and powerful view. The house is really really old and I am always asked if we have ghosts here, well yes, shadows and mystery.  Always faces in windows from a time gone by, who are they? Who could it be?

Shadow/Blue Savannah - Sharpe-Saward

heart in 2 places

Heart In 2 Places

Heart In 2 Places/Across The World/ Saward

In 2009 I moved out to Sardinia, and it truly was going to be an exciting journey ahead. The reality was, the separation from my two sons was very hard to bear. The whole move was made easier by having such a busy touring schedule with the band, that meant I was back and forth to the UK around every 2 weeks,  so I could hug & bug them! I actually ended up seeing the boys more often than I would have done  if I were living back home in the UK.

I painted this piece whilst I was in one of my lonely moods. All acrylics again with heavy knife scarring.  Across the blues of the seas, the browns of the hills, the reds of the endless roads, the boundaries that divided us seemed to show in the painting, two fractured hearts on two sides of the oceans.     My Heart In Two Places.