Here is a chance to digitally download some of my solo and collaboration work. 

   Coming soon..... New track from Jill Saward       I Wanna Be With You... details to follow

Jill Saward - I Wanna Be With You digita
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A cool urban vibe and a great collaboration with two exciting young talented writers, Vanessa Poolian & Anders Olinder

MOVIN ONVanessa Poolian, Anders Olinder & Jill Saward
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A song written and performed by Jill Saward featuring Simon Brown on piano. A passionate ballad dedicated to all of the precious women of the world celebrating their silver years!

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Heading 1

A little piece of self indulgence here, one of my all time favourite songs. Timeless and a classic, just had to wrap myself around this most valued 1960s songs.

ALFIEJill Saward
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     Click on the link below to get your copy of Endless                              Summer by Jill Saward

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Click below to get your copy of Just For You by Jill Saward

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Click below to get your copy of Fusion Orchestra 

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