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What's it all about?

2020 gave me the chance to get my act together with my art work. Shakatak's touring took a major hit with the onset of Covid, and I found myself locked down in my Sardinian house for months on end. Not a bad place to be I hear you say? Sardinia and my reclusive environment has brought out the creativity in bundles. Keeping the Shakatak music and videos flowing has been such fun too! This felt like a good time to exhibit all of my sometimes, a little extreme but passionate work. Most of the artwork canvases are in storage in the UK, so at this time I am unable to sell any originals. I am able to discuss commissions but please consider the logistics as I am based in Italy. Hope you enjoy!


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ORIGINAL ART is a selection of my work with a related story and technical description, all photographed and condensed to professional A4 size prints.   I felt each piece had an affinity to a lyric from one of my compositions so I united them.

BACKSTAGE PHOTOGRAHPY  is a collection of weird & wonderful dressing room shots from around the world. Moments snapped when the rest of the band had zoomed off for dinner before the show and I was alone with theatre ghosts!  I have also included  some private photos which also relate to some of my lyrics.

THE SHAKATAK COLLECTION CONNECTION features related artwork and photography embracing some of Roger Odell's classic lyrics.

Each print can be hand signed by Jill Saward with a message of your choice.

Unfortunately Shakatak are unable to sign any of this work due to ongoing COVID-19 restrictions.  No claims to genius artwork or photography, just releasing the creativity & madness from my head!